St. Patrick’s Day — 2015

The first post on goes like this…it all started in a land far, far away. Well, only my parents can say that. My parents came here from Poland in the late 70's and fell in love with California. They gave my brother and I an opportunity to start a life here. Now we are both married, in our 30's and have a little daughter on each side of the family. Katherine featured to the left is 6.5 months old. Katie, my beautiful wife, is the other lucky one in green. As our child grows we want to start new traditions and celebrate all the holidays we can with her before she’s off starting her own family. I know its a long ways away to think about that, but one cannot forget that that is just reality. As the bible says, we must cleave from our parents. As Katie and are now on our journey and having been enjoying married life since 2011, we now embark on a new journey of partenthood. The adventure continues…

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