The DNC leadership just demonstrated, in Kansas, how they will lose in 2018

The DNC leadership just Demonstrated, in Kansas, how they will lose in 2018. By doing the same failed thing they’ve been doing.

I just got an email from a progressive organization asking for donations for Jon Ossoff’s Georgia Special election. The message says that the org didn’t support James Thompson, the Kansas candidate, but gee, look how great he did=- losing by only six percent, as compared to Trump winning the district by 27%. So, they ask, please support Jon Ossoff, because Trump only won his district by one percent.

Excuse me, but why didn’t a progressive organization help a real progressive? Why didn’t the DNC help this real progressive. Imagine how much better he’d have done if he’d been supported by the DNC and progressive organizations (Dailykos did do some fundraising.) Could he have won, or cut the win by two, three or more points? I think so.

Howard Dean is, in many ways, has his major faults, most recently calling for primarying Bernie Sanders endorser Tulsi Gabbard because she questions the wisdom of firing 59 cruise missiles at Syria. But he did run the DNC with a 50 state strategy. Tom Perez, the new Hillary backed DNC leader, even though he promised to take a 50-state-strategy approach, chose not to back Thompson in Kansas nor Rob Quist, the progressive running in Montana. Speculation is that Thompson and Quist are too progressive.

The fact is, the DNC requires candidates it gets behind DNC policies and must spend huge amounts of time making phone calls raising money. Basically, the DNC requires that candidates give up their own positions and principles and embrace the DNC’s. This is ugly stupid. Look at how well it’s working in the House, the Senate, in almost two thirds of state Governors and state legislatures. I’ll say it again. The DNC leadership just demonstrated, in Kansas, how they will lose in 2018.

Meanwhile, on Twitter king clown Trump @realdonaldtrump and his supporters are celebrating their Kansas win. An optimist on the left might point out that they won by 20 less points — a massive drop. But a realist will note that they won because the Democratic leadership, including progressive groups, chose not to even try to help Thompson. (Kudos to DailyKos for raising over $200,000 to help Thompson.)

There’s still time in Montana to help Rob Quist. The soulless leaders of the DNC and the Democratic party may have written it off because it’s a “red” state that Trump won. But MT has John Tester, a Democratic US senator. It’s possible and the special election isn’t until May 25th.

But as VICE reported, The DNC isn’t even trying to win a surprisingly competitive Congressional race in Kansas. Stupid, stupid stupid. At least Moveon is getting behind Quist. After all 99% of its members voted to support him.

But wait, it’s not about stupid. It’s not a mistake. The DNC doesn’t want progressives to gain power. If they did, they would throw the current leadership of the DNC out.

Here’s an idea for the DNC. Replace it.

R. Buckminster Fuller said, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” So, get all the progressive organizations together and create a shadow or alternative Democratic party. Pick and back alternative candidates that run in primaries against the DNC picks. Primary the corporate hack, shill and sellout incumbents who have been part of the decision process that has dragged the Democratic party down so low. I mean, seriously, the DNC is so bad it’s almost a partner of the GOP.

Start off by refusing to give the DNC a penny. Give directly to candidates you want to support. Even if the DNC pitches you a candidate you like, don’t donate through them. They put that monetary collar around candidates’ necks. Go directly to the candidate’s website.

There’s an amazing possibility for a repudiation of right winger politicians and the clown king Trump in 2018. But it won’t happen the way the DNC and some “progressive” organizations are operating. Tell them to wise up and smarten up. I know. Many of you have written off the Democrats altogether. I don’t blame you. So, fight for change.

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