At 16 I took my obligatory Welsh GCSE like all the others in my year group. Lessons were often disrupted, few teenagers like to be told they have to do something, and we often questioned the validity and originality of Welsh as a modern language.

Helô — Hello
Dw’n hoffi siocled a coffi — I like chocolate and coffee
Dim parcio — No parking
Ble mae’r toiled? — Where’s the toilet?

It’s not difficult to see what many of us latched onto in our criticism as so many words seemed like a rehash of their English counterparts. You can see…

Before writing this, I penned a long, lamenting post on the seemingly pointless year 2016 seemed to be. It’s so rare for me to concentrate on the negative, I felt guilty proofreading it and, in the end, couldn’t bring myself to publish. Surely something good came out of 2016?

Select all. Delete. Start again.

2016 wasn’t at all uneventful. In January I found what would become my second home; from April to July I was hard at work renovating; in November I turned 30 and finally got the dog I always dreamed of; and in December my business turned six…

Robert Lo Bue

Welsh-Italian, culture-seeking Adventurer. CEO of @applingua. Nomadic. Often thinking about Mental Health.

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