This Is What a 40,000km Bike Ride Around the World Did To This Photographer’s Depression
Pixel Magazine

Svridiya Sundar — “A pity a woman can never do this without worrying about her safety all the time.”

Not true though, is it. Met dozens of solo female cyclists along the Himalayas, Central Asia, Australia & America. Depends whether you’re looking for a free excuse to be able to pass up on real adventure or not. Whatever circumstance your gender, race or religion — never let it halt an attempt at freedom. As a pacifist, an atheist and an annoying, shiny-camera-weilding tourist do you not think I was worried about how my views, actions and ability to defend myself would comprimise my safety — and dogs, snakes and ice storms don’t seem to discriminate particular genders either, sorry. I have a neuroligical illness, didn’t stop me. Seek adventure or drown in victimhood.

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