Make your world a better place

“A brief world” by Matty Ring

Do you want to change your world?

Do you have something to say about what’s going on around you? Do you need to highlight something important?

“Cherry picking” by Shao Lim

If only you could paint your message onto the world around you drawing attention to the things you want. If only you could make your message interactive, and make it come to life when people were in the right location.

You have a magic window in your pocket — use it to make some magic!

Everyone knows how powerful our modern digital devices are, but the real secret is how you use them. If you have an internet connected mobile, tablet, computer or head mounted display then you can open your web browser and change how you see your world right now.

Welcome to the modern web — now you can link it to the real world!

“Sydney Opera House — Fireworks” by pumpkinmook

Using the modern web gives you a whole new power. By moving your finger, your arm or your body you can easily place images, videos and 3D objects anywhere in the world. People can then literally see them “in-situ” where you left them. You can position your content exactly “where” and “how” you want.

Now you can literally get your message “out there”.

The modern web gives you the power to create Interactive 360° photos or videos and Mixed Reality (Virtual or Augmented Reality — VR or AR). All you need to do is open the right link in your web browser.

With the right tools you don’t have to worry about the technical details if you don’t want to. You can just focus on the magic and your message.

Or, if you do code then you can extend this with great open source libraries.

Now sharing your message with the world is easy

All you need to do is share a single web link — that’s it! Then anyone else can open that link in their own web browser and see your creation, overlaid onto the world around them. Customized to where they are, and the objects that are around them. Just like you designed it.

“Sharing” by andrii_zymohliad

Setup special content that “automagically” appears when people are within a specific “active area”, or if they’re further away you can show them how to get to where you want. The creative options are endless…

Make your world a better place!
Now you can paint the world with digital content to really get your message “out there”.
Make your world interactive, customized & beautiful using the web browser that’s already in your pocket or computer.

Don’t just dream about it — create your own reality right now

You can get started now for free and instantly start adding your own virtual content right where you are. Or you can add content anywhere in the world without moving by simply teleporting there— it’s easy.

“Start your engine” by npobre

If you want a quick preview, then check out this guide that shows you how easy it is to place your virtual content in the real world.

How will you make your world a better place?

What information will you visualize in the real world? Where will you add interactivity? How will adding live data to the world change how you see things? Think big and start experimenting now!

“Banksy Girl and Heart Balloon” by dropstuff

So what’s the point of his new seamless Mixed Reality? It gives us a new way of thinking and communicating about the world around us and it literally gives us the power to change things around us. It might be just adding virtual content to start with. But if you attach the right content to the right part of the world, who knows what you can change.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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