I need what? How big are they?

When I have prescribed amplification for a person with hearing loss we often enter into the conversation of,

“How big are they?”

Hearing Aids, or Amplification Devices as some may call them come in a range of size, whether they’re sitting deep inside your ear canal being thought of as, ‘invisible’ or if they’re sitting just atop the ear with a fine wire curling into your ear canal. Many styles are difficult to see and other, yes they are more visible. But all of the devices are designed to aid you in hearing the world and those around you in your life.

In fact, the devices that seem to be more visible to some patients, are for the most part not visible at all when worn as when you can hear, people look you in the eyes. If you are unable to hear properly you will find people will be more likely to look at your ears than if you are wearing hearing aids and are able to converse.

In my profession as a Registered Hearing Instrument Practitioner in British Columbia we often hear people concerned with the appearance of hearing aids rather than the benefit, it is generally assumed that the devices will provide benefit but the aesthetics tends to come up moreso when broaching the subject of a person wearing hearing aids for the first time.

Although hearing aids come in a variety of colours from candy apple red to mocha brown to even a pearl white, we find that matching the device to your hair colour rather than skin tone is a far better way to minimize the distraction to somebody’s eye. But who’s eye are we referring to? The wearer’s eye actually! For the majority of time it is the wearer looking at themselves in the mirror that tends to be who we are trying to, ‘hide’ the devices from.

If you, a family member or friend want to see what devices look like on or in your ear don’t hesitate to ask and one of our clinicians can show you a demo product or even generate a photograph with a device place on or in your own ear!

At the end of the day, if you hear what a person is saying to you, they will look you in the eyes.

Robert D. McCallum RHIP

Managing Director — Viva Hears



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