If you’re not part of the LinkedIn Solution your part of the problem….

I am not a raving LinkedIn fanboy. But I am not a LinkedIn staunch hater. I do like to poke fun at some of the silly fake profiles on LinkedIn from time to time.

What I have come to realize though is way too many people are complaining about all the fake profiles and Spam but putting the blame 100% on LinkedIn. You could argue that this is where it needs to reside but what about an additional suggestion that falls under a different banner.

If you’re not part of the solution your part of the problem

Idea: So what if we all decided to go back and clean out our old LinkedIn networks where we have been blindly accepting requests for years and delete them from our network. Like doing a spring clean on our own collective global database. While this won’t solve the problem entirely I can guarantee we will start to make a dent in the amount of fake profiles and Spam. But if we stop it at the source (our own networks) then less in-mails and crap in our feeds will slowly dry up.

Why don’t we as a global collective have a cleanup LinkedIn day where we all collectively start removing the trash and stop blindly accepting network connections from people we will never talk to anyway.

I am picking July 1st as clean up LinkedIn day and maybe even LinkedIn can get behind this with some corporate help/muscle. They sort of encouraged the mess right.

Worst case you do nothing and you wasted 2 minutes reading this vs deleting 10 people in your network you will never speak to anyway.

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