What makes good Erotica?
Kelly Abbott

What makes good erotica is writing for yourself and what really turns you on. If you write what you think people will want or you think sells you will hate it.

Just use these simple steps and see if it helps.

A: Set a scene for yourself, music, snacks, wine if you like, now

1. Write about what turns you on,

2. Write about what both scares and excites you,

3. Write about your secret fetishes and kinkiest fantasizes,

4. Day dream on all this and write about it, maybe use a recorder.

B: Create a sudo profile with pen name, an alternate version of yourself or maybe someone completely different to explorer your inner darkside and their desires with. It may help to Create a brief history or narrative of who you are when you are writing as to help you become the person.

C: As your alternate, darker, naughtier, daring self repeat steps 1–4 above.

D: If this alternate self didn’t work then go back to B: for another try. A new voice and taste. Once you get here and are ready to do it for real Go To E:

E: Now that you know what to write. What is erotic for you and what doesn’t work for you. Maybe keep the pen name to help you explore your stories. You may even want to buy yourself something to help complete the inner temptress writer. A piece of jewelry, or clothing. Something that lets you slip into them when you write and inspire your stories.

What you may want to do also to help inspire you, if go out once in a while as that inner writer, maybe a intimate restaurant, club or even a public spot that helps you inspire your work even more.

The Passion Rule: Just remember; if you write what makes you hot and bothered, it’s real and will do the same for others.