I’ve tried and tested thousands of tweets. I’ve meticulously studied hundreds of large accounts. All in search for the answer to this question: what are the elements behind viral tweets?

It’s taken me three years and 5000+ tweets to discover the answer.

Across 2018 — my tweets had a total of 2M impressions and generated 35K likes and retweets. Across 2019 — my tweets had a total of 10M impressions and generated 200K+ likes and retweets. That’s an increase of over 500%.

The 3 Elements Behind Writing Viral Tweets

A perfect tweet is one that is both visually aesthetic and audibly pleasing while inspiring action. Once you understand this powerful methodology and how to apply it to your tweets, it’ll change the way you tweet forever.

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1. Visually Aesthetic

Rule number one: tweet for the eye before anything else.

Sounds obvious, right? Yet, you’d be surprised at how few of us understand the speed at which people scroll Twitter’s timeline. You could have the answer to time travel, but if you don’t structure that thought in a way that catches attention, then you’ll fall victim to the quick scroll of a finger. …

Good sense does not always lie with the loudest shouters, nor can we say that a large, unruly crowd is always the best arbiter of what is right.

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A friend of mine is a fairly passionate conspiracy theorist.

I’m skeptical about most conspiracy theories.

We enjoy debating each other; but it was frustrating at first.

He always thought I was naive. And I always thought he was naive.

Once, I recall vehemently doubting the existence of a document he claimed to have read which supported one of his conspiracies.

It turns out the document he read did actually exist.

We were both upset about the debate. …

Sometimes you win — and sometimes you learn.

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A few years ago I read an interview with Bill Gates…

Bill explained that once you embrace unpleasant news not as a negative but as evidence of a need for change, you aren’t defeated by it.

The weight of all his failures could have easily made him give up, but instead he accepted those experiences as challenges and learned from them.

That’s always stuck with me.

I believe it’s what makes people truly successful.

They are better at recognising failure as feedback.

They embrace failure, because it’s how they learn.

The road to success is all in how you approach failures. …


Rob Knowles

Stumbling my way through life and learning along the way. Sharing what I learn so you can stumble along with me.

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