Really? I would like to read/write index, count over i, n anyday.
Abhas Bhattacharya

Abhas I think you have a valid critique of my example, there are so many better ones. I wrote the post quickly and grabbed the example in front of me that triggered the reminder. Thanks for your response.

I would never use index for a name for reasons that the Go, JavaScript, C/C++ and other coding communities agrees with—including languages that are newer than Python. Idiomatic Python has come to mean “unnecessarily verbose” it seems. I like the maxim, “match the name length to the scope” meaning use longer names the greater the scope.

I will be the first to agree enumerate() is not as bad as other things I have seen (including comprehensions). The main gist is two things, there is Python out there these days that is as unreadable as any Perl I have seen that claims to be “idiomatic.”

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