Globaloria Flash Fail

Flash is Dead, Why Still Teach It?

Update: North Korea just launched one of the biggest zero-day attacks in history using Adobe Flash. Do NOT promote its use in any way. Educators you have been warned. Stay far away from “educational” products that promote it.

Globaloria is promoting kids education in programming and for that everyone should be grateful, but after almost a year when I learned about them I checked in again and they are still teaching Adobe Flash (a product that no longer exists) for more than half their material. This is just unacceptable. It would be better to turn focus from growing their company to removing Flash and their JavaScript material to ES6.

Maybe read the email from Google about their dropping support for it, or the official announcement from Adobe themselves that there is no more Flash.

Update: But wait, what’s this? Globarloria has been bought, of course. I wonder if Carnegie Learning, Inc. did enough research to realize more than half of Globarloria’s content is dead. Probably not.

Anyone who hasn’t been completely asleep for the last seven years knows that Flash is dead and starting dying long ago. Yet more than half of Globaloria’s content is ActionScript and Flash with no sign of any plan to change.

Something positive to say, um, the icons are cute?

Apparently an MIT Media Lab PhD isn’t enough to create a “learning system” that can keep current in the world of “computer science” and programming.

PhD and EdM Degrees Obviously Mean Nothing About Relevance

Awards? Which ones? Did you win the award for the most outdated “computer science” curriculum in the world?

While I really want to praise their intent I am absolutely blown away by the questionable ethics of continuing to take money from particularly unsuspecting schools and districts to buy and teach this completely outdated material. I post this to help the EdTech people out there know to avoid Globaloria, for the sake of those learning under your care, or, be sure to consider alternatives focused more on real programming like (used by many others). Just whatever you do, don’t waste everyone’s time teaching or learning Flash. It’s bad for everyone not just because it is old, because it is dangerous.