As a real professional in this field, I’m calling bullshit on this fluff shill writeup that appears…
Ed Dunn

I have to agree with a lot of what he is saying, like REALLY agree. But, like me, he’s passionate and it comes off harsh. I love the part about recruiters looking for you instead of looking for jobs. I have experienced and seen this happen to peers. Plus, who says you have to work for anyone? If you are good, make something of your own.

Here’s a fact that caught me off guard.

Computer Programmer positions are projected to decline 8% from 2014–2024 by the BLS, that’s right, go down.

They cite the reasons as the same mentioned in this comment. The take away is that you better do more with it. Also, Systems Engineers, Architects, —even Mathematicians and Statisticians—have waaaaaaaay better projected stats (including double the income) of Web Developers. I will trust thousands of hours of professional research on employment trends over one anecdotal blog post or other surveys any day.

It absolutely blows my mind why more people have not realized how limited a Web Developer career is compared to all the others in tech. Thankfully those seriously intent on finding work they were meant for have such resources available if they are diligent filtering the hyperbole from professional, scientific statistics.

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