The 100% Correct Coding Style Guide
Bill Sourour

I would caution your readers that sometimes style differences are actually syntax differences and to be sure to rule that out before calling it “silly.” For example, your if image encourages the notion that starting a block on a separate line is just a matter of style, (which it is for C), but it is not for JavaScript, (which I imagine is the primary language of most of your readers). Even though the specific if example you use would work in modern JavaScript if such next-line syntax is used after the return, yield or several other keywords you get the worst bug possible in JavaScript, (called out in Crockford’s Aweful Parts), because it is valid JavaScript but does not do what is expected. This is the sort of thing employers would fire a programmer for if discovered (and the main reason most projects of any significant size do not use JavaScript without a bunch of safety nets). Bradley Braithwaithe has an excellent write up on this.

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