Trending Developer Skills, Based on my Analysis of “Ask HN: Who’s Hiring?”
Ryan Williams

Just because something is trending, or gets hits, or is popular does not mean it is a good technology. Hacker News is a horrible place to become informed on good technology, but a great place to read about hot technology.

Remember that React is still not open source software and legal teams (such as that from VMware) have forbidden its use within the enterprise. This is not FUD, it is a legal reality. Preact seems to be emerging as the compatible replacement that TJ Holowaychuk and many other informed developers are choosing. (He’s the creator of the E in MEAN stack and much more even though he has given up Node for Go.)

Besides, I would never trust Facebook to determine the technical direction of any component of any project any enterprise team I lead would choose. They have a phenomenally bad history of horrible tech decisions beginning with their full dependence on PHP, still. Then there was that mobile disaster they tried to write off as “supporting web hybrid applications.” Anyone who trust their core applications to the React framework will ultimately reap all the consequences as well. Many might not believe me, but I have been around long enough to see the single hottest technology on the planet (Java at the time) become the complete disaster it turned out to be for enterprises and more, (which is why Kotlin adoption is skyrocketing, sure there is a JVM, but Java is seriously declining. Google has been wanting to boot Java from Android ever since their spat with the ever-evil Oracle over it.)

I also wonder if this data represents the same significant 27% increase in demand for “Web Developer” jobs as determined by the US BLS? Sure this is a the government we are talking about who struggles to keep up with classifications. But it makes sense that the technology representing those jobs would be high. Yet there are other jobs (“Software Developer”, “Security Analyst”, etc.) that make significantly more money that do not involve these technologies. They are growing more than 10% slowely than Web Developer but are still significant and perhaps underrepresented by essentially Hacker News job postings.

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