Developers are the builders of this new era, writing the world’s code.
Developers, Developers, Developers: Microsoft/GitHub and The Ascendancy of Code
Rod Johnson

No where is that more obvious to me recently than the explosion of what I call the KnowledgeNet, the use of software version control systems to manage the world’s knowledge like source code. This took form initially as documentation through Markdown-like text files and has become a transformation approach to all knowledge management (for which I am preparing a BaseML IETF submission, full disclosure).

Even now, as I redraw the lines of our curriculum model I realize that the best approach is 10-minute modules that when composed create a lesson, and in turn 16 lessons compose a course. This way of approaching education with developer mentality allows SkilStak to manage learning and perpetually changing material that can keep up with the pace of technology and software development by employing the very same packing, versioning, and releasing of modular components, that contain learning content instead of software.

I absolutely love this observation not only because it validates my approach and views, but because it just makes so much sense. So much of it harkens back to Don Tapscott’s successful predictions of how the Web would transform the world and businesses by flattening everything.