But the delivery — the HOW — is just as important IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT than WHAT you’re doing or WHY you’re doing it.
Want To Become A Multi-Millionaire? Do These 14 Things Immediately.
Benjamin P. Hardy

Such confused priorities from the use of all caps, “REALLY REALLY” grammatical atrocities, to the declaration that WHAT you are doing matters less than HOW to get everyone to buy you, so totally wrong.

For someone who so outwardly expresses a desire to help others and the universe these words exhibit an extraordinarily dubious view of creating pure, authentic work and realizing the value of that work. Contrary to your claim people are led to those with good ideas, good products, good art, and good motivations. They simply do not need marketing. When people are conned into clicking on something like this post and find low quality, inauthentic crap they feel cheated and will take that away surely to share it with others (as I have).

I have seen the opposite of what you claim work dramatically in my own business. Senior executives from organizations you would know by name in the fortune 500 trust me to send their children as students to my school along with many others who were led to my company without a single dollar spent on marketing. We get downright metaphysical about it and the stories of their discovering us defy coincidence.

You seem to have very little faith in people and discount the value of the purest form of marketing, word of mouth and personal referrals. To you potential customers are objects to be manipulated to bring about your specifically financially motivated ends. Trust can never grow with such rot at that core. What our world needs is LESS marketing and consumerism and more authenticity and creation.

In summary, the Eastern idea of authenticity and being true to one self and the rest will follow was wonderfully Americanized in the Field of Dreams “if you build it they will come” but only if you work hard, prepare yourself, and are 100% authentic with yourself and others—you know, the difference between Tony Robins and you.

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