it’s kind of confusing
Learn Functional Python in 10 Minutes
Brandon Skerritt

The fact that this is confusing says a lot about how programming has been taught and learned over the last decade. Python’s greatest functional failure is its inability to use the assignment operator to create a function. “Functions as values” is a core tenet of functional programming (first-class functions, higher-order functions that take them as arguments). Python, like many other languages, fails to convey this idea in the way that modern fat-arrow notation does in JavaScript: const double = _ => _ * 2.

Python fails to provide a multi-line lambda and when proposed the languages core creators and designers about fall all over themselves because they have built significant white-space into the language and are now paralyzed because of it. To me this is the plain writing on the wall that says, ultimately, eventually, Python will fail as a language (even though so many sheeple are now adopting it).

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