Full-stack development is alive and well. And for good reasons.
Alex Moldovan

Understanding all the components of a system is definitely admirable, but the term Full Stack Developer is abused and misunderstood by so many that it is a very bad title to put on any resume. For example, your definition is more or less that of a generalist who can do pretty much everything and learn just in time to be productive. I applaud this approach to be up to any challenge and fit to learn what is needed. However, others specifically define “full stack” to be essentially MEAN stack, others include something like Meteor in the mix.

The idea that you can be proficient (and worth employing) for all components of a system from Docker and microservices to something like React is simply contrary to the laws of physics and reality. Be more specific with your title, specializations, and claims of capability. Your potential employers will appreciate you for it. Full Stack is a myth.