Vuepress Makes Tech Writing Fun

And Profitable

At this point I am having so much fun writing tech documentation and lesson material with Vuepress that I feel like the project is getting a free full-time evangelist.

You have to understand that I was seriously looking for the best way to write for the modern world, a way that was not bound to the Internet but compatible with it. All the existing “book” solutions didn’t seems right. None could truly take a Git repo and turn it into a book in every sense that mattered and none of them could ever entertain the idea of embedding programmable content. The closest thing might have been a Jupyter notebook.

Then I tried Vuepress with its full progressive web app support.

This is every tech and educational writers dream. Readers can literally download the “book” to their phones as an app and use whenever and wherever they are. If Apple would get its shit together you would even be able to download textbook replacements made of dynamic Vuepress to their tablets and replace all textbooks.

“What about the money?”

Everyone who writes textbooks before 2005 asks the money question.

Vuepress has you covered. Because every Vuepress book is just a Vue app it is only a matter of time before integration with authentication is built in, such as with Auth0 or OAuth options tied to anything. This puts the ownership of the pay wall in the hands of the writers, not the app stores. It democratizes how books are published and how people pay for them.

The best part is that there is constantly more added value for people to maintain their subscription to your Vuepress Book/PWA because you can dynamically update the content and only subscribers would get the latest. You don’t have to force your readers to update their apps nor do you stop them from keeping what they already downloaded. It is the best of both worlds.

I’m only cracking the surface of this new toy but it has radically changed how I look at writing. What tech writer doesn’t want to put a little runnable code in their documents every once in a while? Makes me want to wear a Taupe Blazer and read that amazing article again that contains tons of interactive code. Vuepress is clearly the door to a lot more writing like it, but without the overhead.