It’s Okay… To Take Selfies

Hello, I’m Rob Nardecchia, founder of the Yes You Can’t Academy, and I’m on a mission to help people unlock the incredible power of their mediocrity!

Today I want to discuss a topic that’s very important to me, that’s at the centre of social media, and our society’s obsession with image. That’s right, I’m talking about selfies. Now there are people out there that honestly feel the selfie is the downfall of western society. That’s it’s a desperate plea for attention and cry for help in our increasingly superficial world. Well, let’s dispel that nonsense right away. That hurtful rhetoric is straight up jealously talking.

The whole “Hey-look-at-me-trying-not-to-look-like-I’m-not-trying-but- please-tell-me-how-great-I-look-despite-me-not-posting-this-for-that-reason” is completely valid and should be embraced by everyone.

I hate to state the obvious here but looks are fading, so what’s wrong with showcasing who you are after spending twenty minutes using apps and filters to hide who you are? Not everyone can afford plastic surgery but an app for $1.99 is plastic surgery for the masses.

What’s truly important, and unfortunately gets lost in all this selfie bashing, is the superficial validation that comes from complete strangers thinking you’re attractive. There’s no longer a need to rely on the opinion of people in your life or even worse your own jaded opinion of yourself. Because let’s be honest, our friends, family, and significant others can’t look at us objectively, they’re going to like us no matter how we look and that’s why none of them can be trusted. If your significant other tells you how beautiful you are it’s probably because they want something or they’re trying to avoid a fight. So why not reach out to complete strangers who don’t know you and who have no reason to lie to you out of blind loyalty? Choose the freedom of the internet to judge your beauty purely in a one dimensional context that has no real bearing on what you’re actually like as a means of determining your self-worth.

Selfies are perfect for people with low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence. Or if you’re what others have referred to as an “a-hole” or “douche bag”, a selfie allows people who don’t know you to reward your great looks without punishing you for who you are in real life, allowing you to further inflate an already bursting self-opinion of yourself.

It’s important to remember that your internal happiness tank can only be filled with external things like clothing, social status, and money, and not with things like gratitude, self-love, and happiness. So think of selfie validation as a gas station for the soul.

To put this in a historical context aren’t self-portraits essentially a selfie? The only difference is that back then a self-portrait was reserved for those who could afford one rather than today when all you need is a smartphone. In today’s world the Mona Lisa would have been a selfie, in fact her Instagram feed would have been epic. The selfie in many ways is a high form of art where we celebrate the beautiful looking people of our time. Instead of using watercolours or oil paints we’re using Juno and Valencia filters. Am I claiming that one day a selfie of Kim Kardashian will be hanging in the Louvre? Only time will tell. But I for one am looking forward to the day when I can take my future children to the Museum of Modern Selfies.

Remember, it’s the golden age of superficiality and if you’re not getting likes how are you ever going to get liked?

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