Tools for Successful Social Space

Social media management in companies is becoming a major component for building brand awareness and increasing sales. However, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to maintain management of so many accounts on a daily basis and the ability to know who the key influencers are in the intended market. Identifying the key influencers is one of the most important resources a business must obtain in order to reach success. There are a number of tools and products that allow businesses to identify their influencers and monitor their social media outlets, which can provide a company with multiple opportunities. Here are some helpful social media tools that companies are using to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, manage multiple accounts, and determine who their key influencers are in their chosen market.

First, focusing on a brand’s content, MOZ is an effective tool for determining which keywords within a piece of content will create the most buzz around social media. It allows its users to measure and improve their search engine, links, hashtags, and brand marketing. Additionally, MOZ will test a brand’s keywords and rank them based on how much traffic they receives on Google search engine. It can be used on any social media platform to help a business increase website traffic, brand awareness, and promote its content.

Next, the social media tool Crowdfire enables a brand to manage multiple Twitter accounts. Crowdfire is designed to increase a brand’s Twitter followers, discover more leads, and provide the ability to moderate multiple accounts associated with one business. This allows the business’ ‘following’ efforts to be done in one place, creating a more efficient social media dashboard. Additionally, one of Crowdfire’s perks is its ability to follow users by selecting copy followers or keyword follow. This tool enables searching for users who are similar to the brand, or users who tweeted keywords that relate to the given brand.

In order to engage with various social media followers, TweetDeck manages, monitors, and contains a brand’s twitter feeds into one organized space. TweetDeck allows the brand to stay on top of followers’ activity by focusing and filtering what is relevant to the brand and its goals. It also has the ability to keep track of notifications, mentions, hashtags, and other useful tools in order for the business to stay on top of its interactions of different accounts.

Finally, BuzzSumo provides the opportunity to discover a brand’s markets key influencers. BuzzSumo tracks content on all social networking sites and ranks the content by the number of shares throughout all social media platforms. It monitors the content by topics or user, which then uses an advanced search engine to deliver results. It allows the user to determine what content will perform best for a given topic and helps find key influencers to promote its content.

These social media tools have the ability to provide a company with the information to improve a brand’s search engine, find keywords relating to it, manage different accounts effectively, and determine whom the given brand’s key influencers — all essential tools for efficiently running and maintaining a brand’s social media dashboard.