An analysis of Donald Trump’s election win and the prospects for his presidency
Tom Freeman

Mr. Freeman, I am Canadian and living in the city of London, Ontario, and of course, Canada. My friends all 45 (my last count on FB) of them are aware I have a sense of humour, by various degrees. Therefore, I appreciate the humour of your article. Mr. Freeman, may I offer a suggestion.? Should we lay our shaming tools to rest now and focus on the work ahead of us? We are or are not fans of the Trump Family. Does that really matter now? We still have brains and two feet. We are capable of directing them anywhere we want. Even the famous author, known by the pen name of “Dr. Seuss” offered that much to the populace. May I offer another suggestion? Those brains should influence our feet to walk towards our respective government representatives to communicate the direction we wish to take on this long arduous journey. The Trump Family have a huge learning curve in front of them. Again, can we stop shaming them and become part of their team to safeguard our achievements thus far and continue to build on them? How bright is our future if we continue to temper the view with vitriol and disdain for the future President of The United States? Thank you for reading this long post.

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