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Q & A with Rob Norback, creator of Live Transcribe for iOS

Why build Live Transcribe for iOS?

Two years ago, I built a speech-to-text app called Hearing Helper to communicate with my 99-year-old grandfather. He used hearing aids but still struggled with his hearing.

I decided to build a simple app that would translate speech to text. It allowed us to communicate again.

After posting Hearing Helper for free, I got this message from a user: “I use this app to communicate with my mother. It’s the most important thing in the world to…

iPhone X marketing photo from Apple

If you’re like me, you’re excited for the launch of the iPhone X on November 3 — and working hard to make sure your app looks great come launch day. There’s lots to navigate. Your app can look unprepared for Face ID permissions. You actually don’t have to use Launch Storyboards if it requires unnecessary refactoring. Not to mention, it’s super easy to miss uploading iPhone X specific photos for your App Store build.

I led the upgrade process at Chime, and I’d like to help you avoid all the pitfalls we ran into along the way.

Before You Begin: Download Xcode 9.1

The first thing…

The first thing I notice is their eyes. They all get a bit bigger. People start to sit up and lean forward. All heads turn away from me, even though I’m the one speaking at the front of the room. They’re all squinting now, trying to make sure they’re seeing the simulator right.

They can’t believe it. Xcode is hot reloading.

Take a look for yourself:

A short demo of hot reloading in Xcode

What is this sorcery?

Good question! This is Injection II, the App. It works with the Xcode simulator and allows you to hot reload your app in less than a…

I’m a big believer in using process to achieve your goals, so I lean on habits to accomplish just about anything that’s important to me. When I was running the website called OneHabit, the community would ask me, “OK, I know what habit I want to create, but how do I make it stick?” And the simplest answer came to me when I thought about how you write great articles: Cut your habit in half, and then do it again.

So for instance, people often want to start going to gym for 1 hour 3 times a week. Well that’s…

If you want to become a top notch😉 iOS developer, you need a strong reputation on Stack Overflow (SO) .


  1. It teaches you how to ask great questions
  2. It takes ads off perhaps the most important site you’ll use every day
  3. It allows you to leave comments and up vote so you get the most out of SO
  4. It makes sure you know how to use SO like a champ
  5. It sets you apart from the crowd and let’s people know you care about your craft
  6. It allows you to directly contribute to your team by setting bounties on…

Rob Norback

Building Live Transcribe for iOS. Previously @Chime and Steady. Talk to me @robnorback. See my work at

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