To a crush I never asked out

I watched you from across the room, the first day I laid my eyes on you,

I liked the way you smiled, you laughed, and talked,

Made me wonder if I’d ever get to know you, if I’d ever one day, be by your side,

The days passed, quietly as they could, and bada bing, bada boom, I’m right here besides you,

Not as that special someone, but special all the same, special like a friend that cares for you any day,

We grew closer, we grew to love, we grew so much, we were nearly one and the same,

I thought I’d finally found ‘The One’, you made my heart beat so, you made feel so happy, so in love, so engrossed,

I knew you knew I liked you, you knew how much I cared,

But when the time came to tell you, I chickened out, out of fear,

I told myself that one day, I’d finally be able to tell, of all the wonderful things that made me love you,

The days pass quietly, this time around, with a much different tone,

I’d still not been able to tell you, how I really feel,

We drift apart slowly, it hurts, it feels cold,

I wonder if one day, I’ll ever forgive myself for this,

For letting you slip from right under me,

A new girl comes around, and enraptures me so,

And I’m like, hey, can we start this cycle all over again

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