Top platforms that have the best coding courses for kids

With growing competition in the IT industry, coding course has become more of a survival skill than a bonus add-on. Probably, a decade back, if you knew coding, you were privileged, but today if you know to code, you are adequate. And with demand comes the importance of learning and making yourself ready for what the industry demands. So, if you are a parent looking for the best coding courses for kids out there, then here are some top picks for you.

1) Free Code camp

Teaching a kid can be a tiresome job if he/she doesn’t take an interest in the subject. This is why my first recommendation for the best coding courses for kids is Free code camp. The platform is interactive and gives a real classroom like experience making the learning experience fun. There are many courses available on the platform, from specific languages like Java, C, C++ to Web designing, Machine learning, and more.

2) Coursera

It is one of the biggest online sites for learning basically anything. The site has one of the best standards in terms of courses, and there are also options to get courses for free. For example: If you cannot afford a course, just write a letter on why the course will help you in your kids’ career and how you can’t afford it. And well within two weeks, you will get the course for free if your letter looks genuine. All type of coding courses (Java to python and Web Development to ML) from top institutes like Stanford is available here.

3) Udemy

The courses available on Coursera are expensive, and if you cannot get it for free, then affordability becomes a problem. This is where Udemy comes in. The platform has courses from various lecturers in almost all topics and has one of the best online coding courses. And the best part is that the courses are really cheap and most of them cost less than Rs 500.So, if you want your kid to make an app like Chintu from WhiteHatJr[then the Android development course in Udemy can help.

4) Khan Academy

Another great place to start one’s coding journey is Khan Academy. The platform is free to use and has a very natural environment. The teachers speak while writing the codes, and there are various quizzes and exercise to practice things that you have learned. The lessons on the platform are easy to understand and hence are best for kids or beginners.

5) Code Avengers

The name of the site is good enough to attract kids. Code Avengers is an excellent site for those who want to explore a wide range of coding languages and skills. This is because the platform is subscription-based and doesn’t require payment for accessing different online coding courses. Most of the courses on the platform are designed to be beginner-friendly and so will be great for kids. The platform’s subscription fee is $20/month, and there is also a 30-day free trial for new users.

All these sites provide great value and bring the best coding courses for kids. As a beginner, all the sites provide adequate information to get started and enter the coding world.

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