SightSound Versus Apple, and the Death Squad for Patents
Scott Sander

All legalities aside, I’d say there are two underestimated reasons you didn’t succeed: 1) poor design — your company name, logo, website and marketing were unappealing, and 2) you seem to have entered negotiations with delusions of grandeur and a huge chip on your shoulder. The first reason is subjective. The second is self-evident. You brushed off Eddy Cue and then claim he stuff-armed you. You wrote open letters bashing people you wanted to partner with. You’re talking up your patent, claiming to have more or less driven development OSX and the iPod, and having invented something that is arguably obvious — selling something over the Internet. I don’t see any mention of you having developed streaming technology or the digital storefront, owning the content, etc. So your “invention”, while a great idea ahead of its time, relied heavily on the backbone of tech already in place. Your case is hardly solid, and so it’s no surprise it got “re-reviewed” under patent troll laws. You would have been much better off saving your legal fees and hiring a better design/PR team.