Recap from AMA with RoboHero core team and MintDAO

In today’s Twitter Spaces we start with a brief update from both RoboHero and MintDAO projects. Then we’ll talk about NFTs, Play to Earn, and other interesting topics.

Chris: Thank you very much for the invitation. I’m CEO of MintDAO and a blockchain developer. In the crypto area since 2017, I am involved with smart contracts and on-chain development, and I am passionate about it. It’s the reason I have created MintDAO with my team. We are strong in the technical field, and we can create unique NFT collections with programmed utilities on-chain.

Jakob: I’m 28 years old entrepreneur from Poland. Connected with crypto since 2017, mainly focused on bitcoin mining, and now I am also the CEO of RoboHero.

Chis: I would love to. We are actively working on our next NFT collections, and also trying to expand and go for the next project in the crypto space in different blockchains and outside the crypto world.

Jacob: Every month it’s something new. Recently, we were focused on finishing all the basic characters of our game. We have completed the nine basic characters, three of each faction, so it will be revealed soon. The biggest milestone in recent times for us is the Watch-to-Earn application, it will be ready this month. It’s the biggest achievement after the listing.

Chris: Let me start with a comparison to 2017 for those who were not in the cryptocurrency market then. It was a time when many ICOs were taking place and people were putting money into them without checking the projects. The market was pumping and at the end there was a big check and most of the projects didn’t survive. I believe the same thing is happening now in the NFT market. There are many NFT projects that do not offer any facilities. Back in 2017, there was an ICO of projects that had no real utility or were just not interesting, and they are no longer on the market. On the other hand, many projects that offered utility managed to survive because their utility was high enough to allow them to survive the bear market that came after 2017.

I believe the NFT market will go in a direction of consisting NFT collections, focusing on providing utilities for holders. Is the thing to check before entering the NFT collection. Many users are buying it without verifying what is behind it, or only because the image is nice or there is the hype for it.

I hope in the short future, more and more NFT projects will try to deliver something more than just an NFT collection in the form of images and the community behind it. They will start thinking about the utility they can provide as well.

NFT collections with utilities will stay. What type of NFT are most likely to survive? There is a wide range of possibilities and variations of what can be done with NFT. Sky is the limit! Currently, metaverse and also Play-to-Earn are trendy topics. Big companies, the big players are trying to enter the NFT market, and it will happen in the short future.

Jacob: Chris covered most of the things about NFTs, so I will focus on RoboHero. It’s spectacular how this whole industry evolved in just one year or two years. I also wasn’t too optimistic about the non-fungible tokens, but now everything is about it: games, character creation, and items are not just connected with the game, but are on the blockchain. I think that type of token will merge into our normal life sooner than we think. In the future, for example, when you buy a plane ticket, you will not receive it in your email but directly to your crypto wallet in the form of NFT. I am a big enthusiast of those tokens world.

Chris: it’s only a matter of time when the integration between the crypto and the real world will be easier. People will be able to buy things with the card, or they will have a crypto wallet integrated with their smartphone. Opera as a browser has already implemented Ethereum wallet, and it’s natively available over there. It will go even further, it will be the mix between the real and the crypto world.

Jacob: We created the first collection of NFTs with MintDAO. They are 1000 robots avatars in five levels of rarity: Rare, Super Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic. Of course, the rarer the robot, the more powerful the utility.

The main utility is that when you have it in your wallet, you’re guaranteed to receive the real robot from the game in the form of the NFT. Moreover, you will be able to receive some MINT tokens. The collection will be rewarded with 100,000 $MINT tokens within a two-year timeframe.

NFTs gave us the chance to take part in the Fair Distribution System which we were using before the listing on the Terraswap. Every holder of these NFTs has access to our closed group on Discord where we will reveal some sneak peeks before other users can see it, and ​​also the possibility to play in the Alpha version of our game.

We also prepared some kind of ticket system for every Robo NFT owner and depending on its rarity he will have a chance to take part in the whitelist to buy NFT lands. Furthermore, it gives the chance to participate in the drawing of the golden pass (premium account), which will give the owner some extra money from every mission.

Chris: I will not go in the direction of the technical part of NFTs because it’s complex, but I will try to simplify it.

NFT is a smart contract on the blockchain, and it can be anything. The NFT itself is a contract where we can prove ownership of something. Concerning RoboHero avatars, the proof of ownership is proof of owning the NFT with specified rarity, and the image behind it. The faction depending on the rarity gives extras in the game.

What the process looks like? We start by creating the smart contracts for each of our partners, which are provided by Cosmos SDK. There is a publicly available library where you can start creating. We are extending this by adding here unique utilities into the contract itself, adding the yield farming feature, how the NFT is minted, so we create a new smart contract per each collection. We put the utility inside, we code the functionalities, and we add images into the NFT. Furthermore, we also secure the images on the special system and deploy it into our minting platform. After it, you might be an owner of one piece, and you can verify it on-chain.

Chris: It depends on what are you good at. I’m the developer, I’m technical, and I love creating stuff on-chain, developing collections, and testing it. The visual aspect is significant because it’s what the user will see, share or use as their profile picture.

It is an important, and it’s also a time-consuming part of the process. If you want to create a collection of 1000 unique NFTs, this is extremely time-consuming and might be very hard. I wouldn’t say that the smart contract aspect is the hardest part. Of course, it depends on what you are willing to create with the 10 NFTs only with images and with no additional utilities behind, no additional coding, then it’s easier. We need to do both, an excellent design and spotless development, to ensure that the collection will be successful.

Jacob: We can look at this in two different ways. The first reason why people are buying NFTs is those utilities we were talking about. For example, you are buying NFT which allows you to enter some restricted group or event, or to collect some items like in the Decentraland or the Sandbox. The second reason is the community. We can see that lots of great NFT projects grow thanks to their fans behind them. For example, the biggest community project now Board Apes Yacht Club started with only some PNGs and JPGs. Now they have a massive community and the prices of their NFTs are high. It’s a very exclusive item to hold in your wallet. Now they started their token, they are creating metaverse games, so have grown enormously thanks to the community. I think the utilities and project fans are the most important factors.

Chris: I’ve seen that the NFT market was booming and a lot of the NFTs on the market were not giving anything, any utility. We realized we can change — we know how to program utility on-chain. I don’t buy the NFT if I cannot see it. I also agree with what Jacob said that the community is essential. In MintDAO it is a factor in choosing the projects we want to cooperate with. First, We check what can be the utility of the collection, and then we check what is the current community of the project. These two factors are important. The image itself can be pixel art, a 3D image, or a high-quality render — I believe it’s not the most important aspect in the NFT world.

The second part of the interview is coming soon. Stay tuned!

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