Make might not be the be the answer to all the things, but in my fairly extensive experience using it to automate build tasks in a shell, it’s pretty damn good at what it does.

It’s been around for ages, and has been taking heat for almost that long for being overly complex. There’s a reason it’s still around, folks. Here’s some key features that forced my hand when considering alternatives.


Challenge: find a place you can’t install make. Seriously. Make is available everywhere from tiny embedded Alpine Linux to your daily laptop OS. …

I’ll forego the accents for the remainder of this piece. You’ll have to excuse me.

I’ve kept my resume in a variety of formats over the years, probably branching back to good old Microsoft Word & Times New Roman. Having been on the other side of the resume pile, I do think that some emphasis on visual appeal is warranted. Scanning through a hundred or so pages filled with miniscule serif text is the beginning of some of my nightmares… I recommend spicing things up with a bit of color, and maybe even a less traditional layout.

Having transcended the…

In the style of, which I occasionally find myself perusing, I thought I’d take a few minutes to detail the things that I use to get shit done.

I write things down in a two moleskine notebooks, a full sized and pocket sized in green. I’ve rigged some duct tape around the binding of the smaller book to hold my writing instrument on the go.


I use a MacBook Pro 13" Retina from late 2013, with about every upgrade they offered at the time. It hasn’t let me down yet, though I’d probably still upgrade to the new MacBook…

rob boll

a software engineer.

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