After 3 seconds, it’s too late

Start being a little courageous, why don’t you.

“With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Disclaimer: this article is not motivational prose for special little snowflakes. It’s some real talk after being on a diet of TED talks, productivity, goal-setting and general bullshit for the past few days.

What a load of shit this weeks been. Getting Stuff Done.

TED talks, Benjamin Hardy, Tim Ferris.

Well to hell with it.

F*** goals.

This marks the start of me going to bed whenever I like. Doing all nighters. Sleeping in. Doing what I want.

Living my life.

My research for this outcome consists of an epiphany at the end of a week of ‘productivity’.

It’s not our motivation that’s the problem. It’s not our diet. It’s not our exercise. Its the f**ing goals.

Yes that’s right. The goals are f**ing stopping you. The goals are a big f**ing wall that requires the effort of a thousand men to crumble. If you didn’t have any goals then you wouldn’t have to do anything right? Exactly. You don’t. Your goals are a trap, they are an endless loop of trapdoors with no end in sight.

Where did you goals come from in the f**ing first place? Your goals are fear turned into procrastination turned into a list. ‘Oh my god I have the best business idea, we will make this product, and market to exactly this group of people, YES, and they are going to love it!’

3 seconds to commit.

You didn’t commit. 10 minutes later, you didn’t commit. The next day you haven’t committed. You think a bit, plan it out. You make a list of the things you have to do. All the steps, all the way to the finish line. First this. Then I’ll. Stop.

You had 3 seconds. You blew it.

Once you start making your list, you’re already fighting an uphill battle.

Turn to your right a bit. Over there is living. Over in those grassy fields you can run around and play and love and laugh and build and create and enjoy life. Over there dreams come true.

Back here. How do you get to that grassy field? You tear up the f**ing list. There’s not one f**ing thing on that list that you have to do. Not one.

Your goals and infatuation with completing them are a result of a failure of the human brain to evolve to deal with delayed stress. Your brain gives you 3 seconds to make a fight or flight response. As soon as you choose flight, your brain is done with dat sh#t. Whatever it was. Fighting a bear. Asking a girl out. YOUR BRAIN HAS PACKED ITS BAGS ON THAT SITUATION. Stop working against your f**ing brain. You either did or you didn’t. Try again next time or move the f**k on. And for the love of f**ing god don’t put it on your To-Dos.

But I digress. As soon as that one thing pops into your head, your dream, you fucking grab that sh** and you fucking gun it. And don’t fucking stop for no-one. You have just cracked the code. The bullshit of productivity doesn’t mean anything here anymore. You are in the zone. You are doing something real for once in your god damn miserable f**ing life. And guess what, it’s got nothing to do with a goal. You have just blown the bullshit of productivity out of the fucking water and far far f**ing away.

If you’re hearts not in it, you’re not in it. And forcing yourself in it, which is what ‘productivity’ is, is only detrimental to your well being, and at the end of the day, that is unproductive. Simple as that.

Go have a nice hot shower and let your mind wander. Or go for a walk outside. Chances are some sort of desire to do something is gonna pop into your head. That’s an opportunity. You have 3 seconds. That’s all the time your brain has. Do it.