This is How to be Super Productive Every Day Without Losing Your Mind
Thomas Oppong

As I delve more into the realm of productivity, I’m becoming more and more disillusioned. What are we achieving by achieving? In obsessing over doing stuff, what the hell are we even doing? What is so special about the things on our list of things to do? Is being a productivity hacker just ticking a bunch of things off a list, things that meant nothing in the first place?

I spent a week trying to be ‘productive’. I made no forward progress. I did the things. But nothing important actually happened.

Last night I went to bed late, and today I snapped out of my productivity bender, and my vision has become clearer and closer than from anything I did that week. And I think back to all the days I have done what I think is awesome stuff, I didn’t plan it, I didn’t work out methods and goals to get there. I was just really ‘into’ it. It just happened.

So I’ve been thinking, was Steve Jobs a productivity hacker? What about Bill Gates, et al. Did they make lists upon lists and set goals here there and everywhere? Seriously link me something.

Everyone making books and articles and lists upon lists about being productive so people can be more productive, so that they can write books and articles and lists upon lists on being productive. Where is the end? Isn’t that just propogation of bullshit? What is everyone doing? They must be doing something.

There’s a quote from Samuel Johnson:

“Nothing is to be expected from the workman whose tools are for ever to be sought.
I was once told by a great master, that no man ever excelled in painting, who was eminently curious about pencils and colours.”

We can find endless ways to get stuff done, but whats the point if that stuff is worthless?

Elon Musk drinks diet cokes, coffee, plays video games, his sleep schedule is all over the shot, whats he doing? Taking us to Mars last I heard.

Have productivity hackers simply studied and recorded the actions of people that do the stuff, maybe accurately, maybe totally off the mark, and now are so concerned with that and themselves, that they are unable to put that knowledge to any good use?

Is productivity a selfish and misguided attempt at curing a lack of true purpose, direction and focus?

I’m not trying to take a total shit on productivity here, Tim Ferris obviously knows what he’s talking about, but I’d like to see more ‘stuff’ happen. I want to see one of these productivity geniuses, gurus, hackers actually do something worth our time, worth their time, time which they are able to produce out of thin air.

Or are geniuses born, and not manufactured?

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