You are living a fake life

Everyone’s got that one thing they want to do and then they have a long list of excuses on why they can’t.

Chances are you are one of ‘everyone’, and you know you aren’t nearly as happy as know you could be.

Many of us, and I mean the vast majority, live fake lives. A fake life is the result of making no forward actions, no deliberate choices and no leaps of faith, going with the flow so much so that you end up with the default: a boring job, average friends, you might have some nice things, but you’re in a boring location, with a partner who you put up with.

This life is not your life, it’s certainly not the destiny you were born to realise.

This life is the result of living in today’s cushioned society. We live in a frictionless world, where we face no hardship unless we go out of our way to get it, or the hardship is manafactured, such as, ‘Losing our job’. Our lives are fake in this world, because our environment is fake. And you know what they say, ‘you are a product of your environment’.

Have you ever gone to work one day, and thought ‘To what end am I doing this?’. Follow the question trail back to its start, and eventually you will realise, that there is no reason, none at all. You are working for the sake of working. Suddenly, you will realise that to live a real life, you cannot live in the confines of a fake environment. But you can’t just move, because the fake world exists all around us. Everywhere we go, society has carefully placed pillows and pathways so we don’t hurt ourselves.

The real world is hidden in another dimension. You break out of the illusion with acts of courage, big and small, here and there. Talking to a stranger. Breaking a rule. Falling in love. Suddenly the illusion will shatter, and the life you were meant to live will appear.

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