You aren’t a ‘graphic designer’ ok?

It’s a trend in society that we label ourselves. Especially in the professional environment. Usually after our jobs, or the things we are good at, or in the case of many ‘graphic designers’, think we are good at.

It is one thing to be able to open Adobe Photoshop CC 2016. But to have the audacity to call yourself a ‘Graphic Designer’ based on that is laughable, if it isn’t downright demoralising and disrespectful to someone who’s been in the line of work pushing half a century.

On one hand your being disrespectful to those infinitely more practiced in such a field, and on the other your downplaying yourself and your potential to the very lowest denominator in said field. You are also saying, that “My life, and life experiences, every last one, have up and unto this point branded ‘graphic designer’ to the very fiber of my being.”

You are better than ‘graphic designer’, you are better than any label you can give yourself, unless aren’t wholly and utterly identifying with it, in which case what is the point in the first place? To show others your area of expertise for a potential job? For a grand, or possibly very meager and limiting introduction?

You are capable of either a great deal, or very little. To put a label on yourself, on your life, is to cap, slap and put yourself on the shelf ready for mass consumption, not to be touched tampered or fiddled with ever again.

You are not a bottle on a shelf, you are a human person, capable of many grand things, and all of them except one don’t have the slightest thing to do with the sticker you or someone else put on your bottle.