You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

Living, 3 days at a time

You’ve suddenly realised you’re not living life to the extent you know you should be. And now it won’t leave your mind that there’s something else, something more, out there. But you can’t seem to make it happen. It’s just so far out of reach. Well you aren’t alone.

You’ve gone through the paces: the blogs, the books, the TED talks, the podcasts. Still nothing.


You’ve got far too much time on your hands.

You know you have 50 or so years ahead of you, some of us say 100 or more. But what’s the point of being alive for so long if you’re not actually living? And who even told you have so long?

But that’s not what this article is about. Anyone can tell you ‘live like there’s no tomorrow’, ‘death is the strongest motivator’. If you’ve read my other articles, (or let this be the standard for my future articles), I want to give actionable advice. Not airy fairy motivational crap, something you can actually physically do.

I propose you live 3 days at a time.

Live like in 3 days, the moon is going to fall on the earth and wipe it out. All that you know and what could have been is smashed to dust. At the end of those 3 days whether or not we’re finished what we’re doing, a business, an adventure, a relationship. You drop everything. Your possessions are gone, your work gone. No-one knows you. You know no-one. Everything, is gone. You are no more.

3 days left.

Why 3 days?

24 hours isn’t long enough. A week is too long. Far too long.

Living day to day is irresonsible, immature, it makes us not care, makes people and experiences disposable.

A week, it grows into a month, into a year, into a lifetime of the same stale stuff. A week gives us too much, too many options, too many directions, and in this freedom we are paralysed.

Parkinson’s law:
work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion

Living 3 days at a time you will get faster at doing things. You will get better. Say you were writing a program that does so and so. 3 days is up. Delete it. Delete everything. Wipe your computer.

You have learnt a massive amount. Start again if you like, this time the code will be significantly less work, more elegant. Maybe you learned a thing or two about what you really were trying to do, you change your approach, you might change your direction, maybe you drop the idea totally, start something else, but with a great amount of knowledge on what works, what doesn’t. Maybe you don’t touch a computer again.

You realise that everything is fluid. That thing you made yesterday pales in comparison to the elegance and perfection of your creation today. Your friends of yesteryear were, ignorant, dishonest, insecure. Why need the past hold you back? What you made is not you. You are not you. Everything can change. As you grow, so should the world around you.

Every 3 days, you start again.

And I mean start again. For all intents and purposes die and be reborn.

With no past, and no future to hold you back, you are limitless.

Living like this compacts an entire lifetime into 3 days. You are born, you see the world with fresh eyes. You know so much, you can hone in on what truly matters. You work hard, it might pay off, it might not. You die, knowing you tried your very hardest. But this time, you can try again, in a different way, in a different place, with a different goal in mind.

You know those articles that go something like, ‘What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?’ That question is irrelevant when you live 3 days at a time. You are your 20 year old self. Act on that advice. Live by it.

Eventually those 3 days will be enough to start a business, ship a product, and hire the necessary people keep that business going.

Eventually those 3 days will be enough to learn a new sport or skill, perfect it, become a master, then move on.

Those 3 days will be enough to meet someone, love them, and kiss them goodbye before the relationship turns sour or stale.

3 days of hard work

3 days of love

3 days of adventure

3 days of life

Whatever you do, in 3 days its all over. You’re done.

Don’t bother thinking about death.

Don’t think about yesterday.

Don’t think about tomorrow.

Don’t even think about today.

In 3 days you start again.

You have no time at all. But you have all the time you need.