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From thousand pizzas to an apartment. What can you buy now for 1 bitcoin

10 years ago, the first cryptocurrency could be purchased for a penny, but now BTC costs almost 1.5 million rubles. Or, the value of one digital coin can be counted in smartphones and cars.

The bitcoin rate has shown significant growth since the beginning of 2020. At that time, the first cryptocurrency cost about 0.45 million rubles, now — 1.4 million rubles. Since January, BTC has risen in price by 211% against the Russian currency.

However, even 10 years ago, bitcoins could be bought for almost nothing. For example, in 2010, when the cryptocurrency just started trading on exchanges, one…

“There will be no crypto-winter.” Why you shouldn’t expect a sharp drop in cryptocurrencies

The bitcoin rate from three attempts could not exceed $20 thousand. In 2017, this began a phase of a long-term decline, as a result of which BTC fell to $3.2 thousand. Now such a scenario is unlikely, experts are sure

Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has risen in price by 150%. But the growth slowed down at the level of $20 thousand. The BTC rate could not overcome this level three times, each of the attempts led to a rapid decline. As a result of the latter, the price of the cryptocurrency fell below $ 18 thousand, now…

Crypto Assets Managed by Grayscale Increased 430% in 11 Months

Arcane Research analyst Vetle Lunde estimated at 430% growth in the volume of assets under the management of the investment company Grayscale Investments from January 13 to December 12 (from $2.3 billion to $12.1 billion).

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) manages 544 thousand BTC, which is almost 3% of the Bitcoin market supply. In mid-January, the figure was 261 thousand BTC.

The share of the Ethereum Trust (ETHE) in the issue of the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization reached 2.5%. According to Lunde, the growth in the performance of this instrument is even more impressive — over the…

How to recognize manipulation: comparing the silver and cryptocurrency bubbles

From January to December 2017, the price of bitcoin increased from $1,000 to $20,000. Experts predicted bitcoin at $100,000, and investors took loans to buy bitcoin and exchanged cars for ASIC miners. In 2018, the price of bitcoin dropped to $4,000. Some users lost their savings, some of them went into debt.

A similar situation developed in the silver market in the 1970s. The value of the asset increased from $2 to $50 and then dropped to $4. Metal prices were inflated by the sons of Haroldson Hunt, one of the richest Americans according to the New York Times at…

Trader turned $600 into $20K in 1 minute

The user earned over 3000% of the profits from the abnormal fall in the price of the BNB token. It short-term collapsed 33 times on a major trading floor

The Binance exchange token (BNB) rate on the Poloniex trading platform fell 33 times, from $27 to $0.8. It happened yesterday, November 26, paired with the BUSD stablecoin, also issued by Binance.

Ethereum 2.0 Phase Zero Launch: What Will Happen and What Users Should Expect

At the heart of Ethereum is the idea that blockchain is capable of more than just being the backbone of decentralized money. For example, manage an entire decentralized economy.


  • hosted tens of thousands of applications (dapps);
  • the total capitalization of assets, taking into account the tokens of various projects, exceeds $ 100 billion;
  • the total volume of transactions by the end of 2020 is expected to be almost $1 trillion.
  • Ethereum is a key element of the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector and is used in most stablecoins.

Despite its obvious successes, Ethereum has problems…

Free TON on SIGEN.pro

The failed launch of the cryptocurrency project of the Telegram messenger is one of the central themes of the outgoing year. The development of the history of the confrontation between the SEC and TON of Pavel Durov was watched by the whole crypto world with bated breath. Few believed that such an ambitious undertaking, in which so much effort and money had been invested, could simply cease to exist due to US regulatory pressure. …

Binance CEO: Cryptocurrency Market Could Grow Thousandfold

Changpeng Zhao in an interview compared digital money with Uber and explained why cryptocurrencies will outstrip the traditional finance market.

If cryptocurrencies become more widespread than fiat money, in the future this market could grow a thousandfold, said Changpeng Zhao, the head of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, in an interview. He explained that now the acceptance rate of digital money is 0.1%, only one person in a thousand owns a cryptocurrency. However, this area has “huge” room for growth, he said.

“The market for the new industry may be larger than the traditional one…

Governments can never ban Bitcoin. And here is why?

Most recently, renowned billionaire Ray Dalio voiced his concerns about a potential government ban on cryptocurrencies. In his opinion, government agencies simply cannot afford to develop an alternative to the modern financial system. His comments sparked a storm of discussion in the cryptocurrency community. This is how crypto enthusiasts reacted to his statements.

Recall that Ray Dalio criticized Bitcoin and used the theses already voiced earlier for this. According to him, cryptocurrency retains value poorly and at the same time is not suitable for daily use in paying for goods and services. That is, in fact, it practically does not…


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