The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

Every time I see an article that touches on guns, I have one thought: please, please may this have some original thought, and not be a mere recycling of hackneyed internet memes.

That thought is crushed. And I am disappointed that the Medium staff would recommend a piece where half of it is so trite and boring and already-out-there.

Let me ask you a question, since you mention sticking to principles when most inconvenient, and presuming you will allow the Constitution to be among those principles.

So you want an end to guns in America. Okay, fine. I’m down with that.


How do you find the guns? Because, spoiler alert, only legally registered, on-the-level gun owners are going to be known to law enforcement. The state I live in knows the two pistols I have (I had a stalker and stalking laws in this country are terrible), and where they are in my house, so they can get them if I die/commit a crime/etc. But. They don’t care about my shotgun, which I bought for defense purposes because I used to live in a pretty terrible area. I presume you don’t. I presume you can count on law enforcement showing up should you ever need them in a timely manner — not 45 minutes after the call to 911. But here’s the thing. When I moved up here, I reported the shotgun to the police as well as my handguns, and they said, literally, ‘we don’t care about those.’

So say we enact a gun ban. The state I live in knows about my handguns, doesn’t care/know about my shotgun. So when they come to collect…unless I tell them about the shotgun (presuming I’m home), they will leave with my pistols, and…I’ll still have a shotgun! And mind you, I’m a legal owner!!

What about all the illegal guns floating around out there? How will they even know how/where to look? Are you thinking house to house searches? Are you thinking Stop and Frisk on a national level?

Bottom line: I would give up my guns, absolutely, if it meant two things: 1) that no one in America would ever be killed by a gun again and 2) EVERYONE would lose their ALL their guns. Me and the criminals and terrorists both. I’d let myself be grouped in that ‘bad people’ category for a moment, someone not trusted with firearms, if it mean guns would never again be used in committing a crime.

Till you can find a way to do that, keep your yelly empty rhetoric to yourself.

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