Since menstrual art is a thing, now, I guess…

Back when I was in college, I remember making the mistake (over and above the mistake I made in living in the all-girls dorm in the first place) of complaining about some of the, well, inconvenient features of my period.

Friend tskd me, and then insists that unlike my clearly-insufficiently-feminist self, she LOVED her period. “My cycle is,” she gushed, pun, one hopes, unintended, “when I am reminded that I’m a woman!”



If you really need a reminder that you’re a ‘woman’, why not just, you know, run a 10K in a poorly-fitting sportsbra? Trust me. For the next week, your chafed nipples will not let you forget, for one instant, that you are, in fact, a biological female.


So, apparently our friends at Buzzfeed rehashed their own hash on the idea of menstrual art. See, back in 2015, they wrote a piece about an artist who used her own menstrual blood in her work. And then I guess copyright expired or something, because a few days ago, they decided to try this brand of artistry themselves.

Now, there are dozens of thinkpieces about this act of shameless artistic cowardice out there. Clearly this is not one of them.


Of course, nowadays, my flower-child friend’s comment would be obliterated as transphobic. Those were simpler times.


I looked up, in fact, my old freshman dorm just now, to see how it would handle the transgender issue.

It does not.

In fact, while it has a whole page dedicated to gender inclusive housing, that selfsame page explicitly states that gender inclusive housing is NOT available in the all-female dorm. And that it strongly discourages the use of the gender inclusive housing for ‘romantic’ couples.

Someone’s gettin’ screwed, here.

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