Stopping Trolls Is Now Life and Death for Twitter
Jessi Hempel

The problem is harassment, yes, but also the fact that harassment shut downs are one sided and only work for celebs. A celeb like Leslie Jones gets harassed, Twitter takes action, and bans…one person (also a celeb in a sense). A normal person gets harassed, and….crickets.

MEANWHILE threats to kill cops: unpunished. Celebrations of terrorist attacks on innocent civilians: unpunished. Rape threats/wishes to someone who stood up for the Second Amendment: unpunished. If twitter wants to take harassment and hate-speech punishment seriously, it needs to apply the rules fairly and evenly across the board. Ban Milo, sure (I ain’t gonna stick up for him), but how ‘bout we ban the woman who told me she wished I’d die in a fire because I disagreed with her about the ‘flawlessness’ of Hillary Clinton, too, then. Ban ALL hate/rape/murder threats and EVERYONE will be more comfortable.

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