• What are robots?
  • Is it possible to use them in daily life?
  • Uses of robots
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Robots are designed to make human life simpler, specifically to make labor easier. A robot, according to the Webster Dictionary, is “an automated apparatus that performs duties typically attributed to people or a machine in the guise of a person.” They are usually utilized to do monotonous, repetitive jobs.

In the early 1950s, George C.Devol created the first robot, which he dubbed ‘Unimate.’ The Unimate was the world’s first industrial robot. It was a hydraulic manipulator arm capable of repeating operations. It was used by automobile manufacturers to automate metalworking and welding procedures. Robots are commonly seen working in large industries, but they are also present in our daily lives. You may not notice the minor jobs they perform, yet they make our lives much simpler.

The unimate

The washing machine is the most prevalent. You put your clothes in there, and it cleans them for you. You don’t have to be concerned about the amount of water utilized. In many homes, the washing machine has eliminated the tiresome and time-consuming chore of hand-washing garments..

Another example is the toy remote-controlled automobiles that children drive. Some of the cars can even do stunts and turn into robot-like transformers.

There are now vacuum cleaners that clean the room for you. Simply start them, and they will travel about the room gathering dust and cleaning the surfaces. In this fast-paced world, this has made cleaning the room a breeze. People may just switch them on and the room will be cleaned.

These days, we may observe automatic lighting systems in many homes. When you open your door, the lights and fan will switch on automatically. You may specify what you want done, and it will be done automatically.

When you approach a hotel door, it will automatically open. As soon as you walk aboard the escalators, they will begin to move. The lifts can transport many individuals to various levels of the hotel.

There are several examples of robots being utilized in everyday life. They will really assist you and make your life easy. However, you should never overdo them. It is always preferable to do one’s own work. The proper usage of robots is advocated, but they should never be relied on for every work. Our bodies are designed for movement, so if we rely on robots too much and do less labor, we will suffer. Because machines rust and become worthless when we stop using them, our bodies may likewise deteriorate, which will be very harmful in the future.

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