Ten Types of People You Meet While Riding a Chairlift:

- Person who asks: “Which way are you going at the top” — I guess people ask this because they don’t want you to turn into them at the top. ???

- Craft Beer Enthusiast: sports seven craft beer stickers on his topsheet.

- Gear Guy (girl) Talks about their obscure ski / snowboard and has full on winter clothing when it’s thirty degrees and sunny.

- Dad With Kids Who Wants The Bar Down

- Guy Who Vapes: usually, it smells good. Like strawberry shortcake or something.

- Older Skier Who Asks: “Do You Do Rails?”

- Ski Patrol: who, before getting off lift says: “be safe”

- Guy who knows you… but you don’t know him. So you roll with it.

- Older skier who asks: “Is snowboarding hard?”

- The person who asks: “Did you make that?” While you are carrying your snowskate.

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