Robotic Surgery — The Future of Complex Surgeries

Robotic surgery is an advanced way of performing complex surgeries in a minimally invasive way possible. It is a promising technology that makes use of high-tech robotic equipment in the surgical procedure. The best robotic surgeon in India is using it in almost all of their surgeries. It is basically a robot with three arms. One arm is fixed with a high tech camera that feeds the images to a screen in front of the surgeon, from inside the incision on the body. This gives the surgeon a clear image and live feed of what is happening inside the body and guides them during the surgery. The other two arms are fixed with miniaturised surgical instruments that would be used for the surgery. All the three arms are controlled by the surgeon through a console.

History and its current application

The first robot to be used for surgery was Puma 560 that was used by Kwoh and the co-workers in the year 1985 for neurosurgical biopsy. The same robot was used by Davies and co-workers three years later for a transurethral resection of prostate gland. Ever since, there have been numerous advancements in the robotic surgeon technology. Now, there are Robotic Surgery in Delhi systems developed specifically for various types of surgery.

One of the most popular type of robot being used in robotic surgery in Delhi is the Da Vinci robotic surgery system. Some of the Best Surgeon for Prostate Cancer use this system during operations. The robotic surgery systems finds its useful applications in surgeries related to cardiotomy and chest procedures, bypass surgeries, and laparoscopic gall bladder surgery. It is being used in certain complex cases as well such as cardiothoracic treatments, prostate cancer, plastic surgery, bladder cancer, and paediatric surgery.

Benefits of the robotic surgery

With the help of robotic surgery, surgeons from around the world are able to perform surgeries remotely without the need of being present in the same room. Video conferencing allows specialist to be part of complex surgeries, for better precision and skill set for surgeries. This allows specialist surgeons at distance places to help with the surgery while coordinating with the local surgeon.

Also, Robotic Surgeon in India provides a great deal of flexibility to the surgeon while being minimally invasive. One of the major benefit that robotic surgery provides is its ability to eliminate fatigue or tremor in the surgeon’s hands while operating. The arms are controlled through console. And the precision of the movement can be easily adjusted. For example, it can be adjusted in a manner that, for every 3 inch the surgeon moves his hand, the arm moves only 1 inch thus providing better control over the procedure.

Limitations and drawbacks of robotic surgery

The robot and the equipment involved can be very costly and that serves as a major drawback for small-scale hospitals and healthcare centres. This also leads to higher cost of surgeries. Another drawback is its large size that can pose as a difficulty to accommodate in operation theatres that are packed with staff as well.