The time has come—take a look at the official Robotics Online member boxes!

Before we start delivering all boxes in the next few weeks, here's a little foretaste.

The official Robotics.Online Membership Box.

In your cardinal red Robotics Online Box you will find not only your personalized membership cards made of high quality metal, but also a USB stick with our company presentations in German and English!

In the last weeks, we prepared our systems for multi-domain usage and server backup.

If any technical or physical error will occure with the primary server, for example, a hard drive failure that destroys the drive, our second server will take over its part.

Also, we launched a second domain for backup.
This domain is active and can be used at every time.

We value security at our company

Official primary domain:
Official secondary domain:
Official third domain:
Official fourth domain:

By having these servers and multiple domains, we can guarantee nearly a 100% uptime, thus ensuring that access to your user account is available at all times.

Head of IT, Marc Ford

As a new startup in the 21th Century, you have two choices:

1. Be a problem-solver.
2. Offer a better service than your competitors.

At Robotics Online, we are working on both.

A fundamental part is the customer journey — what you experience when interacting with our company and brand.
With our upcoming concept, you will see that we care about this a lot!

In a few weeks, we are launching our official metal Robotics Online Membership Cards!

Have a look at our card! This one is still not personalized.

Robotics Online Official Membership Card — front-side

When finished, it will have your full name, user name, and membership number on it.

The back will have a personalized QR Code on it, linking directly to Robotics Online account so that you can share it with your friends!

Robotics Online LLC

We are specialized in cryptocurrencies, financial investments, robotics, software for automated working.

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