Despite the Covid-19 epidemic, we successfully and without physical contact carried out a regular assessment of the Quality System according to ISO 9001: 2015 — using only digital tools.

Congratulations to complete Robotina Team and Quality auditor, Mag. Tomazin from SIQ.

Focusing on quality and performance, Robotina has developed and successfully commissioned control hardware and software, mainly in application critical industrial automation using controllers from excellent manufacturers. Experience in system integration and gaps discovered on the market, have matured decision to develop our own control technology. We are proud to say, that our products are fully suitable for Internet of Things (IoT) functionality. Our newest PLC controller Cybro-3 is now used in all our products and solutions, which include HIQ for smart spaces, HEMS and BEMS for energy efficiency and smart grids and COS (Cognitive Optimization). All our products can be connected to HIQ-Universe, an advanced Cloud service. In 2019 we have proudly introduced our new slogan: Robotina, Our World, Connected, which is based on our 3C (Control, Connect, Cooperate) concept.


⚡️Future of energy ⚡️ #Blockchain enabled green energy platform. SAVE ELECTRICITY. SAVE MONEY. SAVE THE PLANET.

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