Putting sticky notes on a wall doesn’t make you a designer.
Jarrod Drysdale

“The reality is that we designers are rarely the people who have ideas but instead are usually the people who bring ideas to life.”

Thank you for this dose of reality and humility that you are offering to the community. Helping others succeed is what drew me to design in the first place so many years ago. Over time I’ve gotten jaded and begun to elevate design in my mind. Design for design’s sake. Circular arguments. Design is valuable because it’s design. Then, I get frustrated because others are skeptical and unwilling to spend the time and resources to get the outcome they are looking for. I havent really done my job with humility to earn their trust and support. I haven’t made the process clear and collaborative. I need to get back to the basics.

Thanks for this brief article. It was a needed tether to keep me grouned today.