Pingdom Pi

Very simple performance notifications using Pingdom and a Raspberry Pi

So I picked up an LedBorg because it’s incredibly cheap and an easy way to start using my Raspberry Pi for something other than a HTPC.

After spending about 2 hours yesterday compiling Ruby on it (with the help of some great instructions) I wrote up a simple script to play around with using it in conjunction with the Pingdom API.

It’s a bit scrappy but you can see the basic working version in the repo on GitHub. It includes a simple wrapper for the needed part of the Pingdom API and a rufus-scheduler loop which checks Pingdom every 1 minute. It can handle multiple checks; the slowest response time is used to gauge the colour.

The colours are configured in the bottom of the file right now as an array of hashes. If a check comes back as “down” then it picks the last response time hash, which in my configuration is bright red.

Give me a shout if you want to try it and have any trouble. Or if you have a better idea for how to diffuse the blindingly bright LED:

Yes that’s a pudding cup