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Azusa encountering a slime for the first time.
Azusa encountering a slime for the first time.
Azusa‘s first encounter with a slime. Just look at her hat!

This article is a part of AniTAY’s Spring 2021 Early Impressions series, where our authors offer their initial thoughts on the new, prominent, and exciting anime from this season!

I have been looking forward to the premier of I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level since I first heard the news that the light novel series was being adapted to an anime. I’m a big fan of the series (and currently reading volume 9) and have long thought it could translate well as an anime. The series is extremely chill, and the chapters (and even…

I did not know much about Otherside Picnic before I started watching. I only knew it involved two young women exploring an alternate world, and it maybe involved a yuri romance. I had heard that the source material, a light novel series by Iori Miyazawa, was good, and I had added it onto my to-maybe-read-someday list. Despite not knowing much, I was looking forward to the anime premiere.

In a nutshell, the little I knew proved to be accurate. Two young women, Toriko and Sorao, meet in an alternate world that Sorao refers to as the Otherside. Sorao has gone…


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