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Easyrig + Flowcine Serene with 2-Axis Puppeteer

The Easyrig Vario 5 with Flowcine Serene and 2-Axis Pupetteer is my weapon of choice when it comes to camera support. It may look complex, but truly has become just an extension of my body. “Go-Go Gadget Puppeteer!”

On set of “Insane,” music video featuring Eric Bennet.

MoVI Jib

Our MōVI jib kit allows you to easily execute jib + dolly combination moves. The MōVI does a fantastic job of stabilizing unwanted jib shake and vibrations and the proof is in the footage. The Kessler Pocket Jib PRO with tripod wheels of flex-track is the perfect match for the MōVI allowing for speedy setups, portability (can be pushed through most doorways, and robust reliability, supports 50 lbs payloads). The MoVI Jib expands creative options allowing movement in more dimensions. Any combination of push/pull, slide, and boom is now possible. Any MoVI op will tell you the slowest moves are often the most difficult to execute. With the jib, these moves no longer require the strength and finesse of an operator to carefully glide the MoVI. Combine with the MIMIC tripod control or 1A Tools Alpha Wheels and execute complex moving shots with precise control and accurate repeatability.

MoVI Jib on set of “Easy,” music video featuring Demetira McKineey.

MoVI + Inline Skates

Camera movement is evolving, pushing towards increased speed and dynamics. Inline skates (blades of glory) are my preferred method for controlled, high-speed movement when a vehicle or golf cart is not avaiable. Starts, stops, and turns are more controlled and repeatable on blades than a skateboard.

(MoVI methods include: MoVI + Skates, MoVI + Jib, MoVI + Easyrig Vario with Flowcine Serene and 2-Axis Puppeteer)

Poor man’s Fisher Dolly

More portable and easily transportable.

This rig emulates a Fishcer Dolly, but the operator gains the benefit of not framing his shots from a moving platform. The operator would either use hand wheels or a tripod head with the MIMIC to remotely frame his shots from the comfort of a 17" Flanders Monitor. Kessler Crane equipment is the core of this method. Mounting options get the lens skimming the ground up to chest level and we add our jib to the tripod base to get from chest height to overhead.

MoVI Tripod Dolly

Our MōVI Tripod Dolly is highly portable, and can be controlled (framing and focus for small crews) by a single operator. The system emulates a Fisher or Dana Dolly, with unhindered 360 freedom of motion without the weight and size.

A closer look at our MoVI Dolly platform with the Sony FS7, Canon CN-E 85mm Prime, Redrock microRemote Follow Focus with Fingerwheel controller, and Atomos Shogun.

Vehicle Rigs

Featuring footage made possible by our Flowcine Black Arm.
Regional commercial for Porsche of the Main Line
Our vehicle jib emulates a Russian Arm, yet with a significantly lower cost to book.

Vehicle Rig Equipment Options:

Flowcine Black Arm Complete with front, side, and rear vehicle mounting options.

Vibration Isolator — mounts to jibs, vehicle roof, hood, rear and sides and rear.

Gimbal Head Control Options

1A Tools Alpha Wheels

There’s a reason hand-cranked wheels have been the tool of choice for over a century. The 1A Tools Alpha Wheels bring a new level of mastery to the MoVI allowing the operator to execute complex moving shots with precise control and accurate repeatability.

MoVI Controller with MIMIC

Motion Control

Collaboration with digital agency Bluecadet

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