What I Learned About Awareness in Norway, and What You Should Know

Patience is important for many things, be it creative work, meditation or even running a business.

If you rush things, you are bound to fail. Which is why the mission of this article is to educate those who are unaware, on the beauty of taking an extra second to breathe.

Take it slow

You might feel like you need to get so much done. I live in a city, I know what it`s like. When you get to a point where you don`t know what the next step is, you can`t think straight, and you`re crying on the inside, you know you`ve overworked yourself.

Don`t be scared to take a break and go outside. You`ll actually be more productive if you do this, because you`re allowing yourself to arrange all the information you`ve taken in.

Be patient. Success doesn`t happen immediately. It`s the result of a simple addition process, and if you don`t take a break in between, you will get lost in all the numbers.

Take a breath

Just take a good old breath. A simple, but deep one. Take a moment to look at your surroundings. Feel the material of the chair you`re sitting on, listen to the wind blow, and note the smell of the coffee you`re drinking.

If you`re someone that juggles five activities at once, while working on their latest project, you might think you`re too busy. But in reality, the practice of making sure you`re getting some leisure time, will help you be more productive in the long run.

I`m not talking about 20-minute meditation sessions. Keep it simple and take it breath by breath.

Your surroundings can make of break you

Back home, I get home and I rush to the computer to check my mail, catch up on work and do as many things as I possibly can. It`s stressful, and I quickly burn myself out. I don`t know what I`m doing most of the time, and I don`t really have a thought out plan.

So what is different here? Here`s a short list of a few things:

  1. We light candles to nurture the mood
  2. I`m living in a cozy house, which has a calming feeling to it
  3. No one is stressed, it`s a village

You get the general idea. It`s small things anyone can implement into their everyday light. Start with the candles, and get creative. How can you improve the quality of your daily life?

Love yourself, but don`t put a high value on your time

If you put a high value on your time, you will be scared to lose it. You might then spend it doing things that satisfy you instantly, like playing video games, or eating a bunch of food.

For example, it`s a Norwegian tradition to not spend too much time eating, because food is just a way to refuel the body, and not much more. So after eating just enough, it`s time to get back to more important activities.

I`ve adapted that eating mindset, and it`s helped me control my habits.

The importance of being aware

You feel your surroundings. You are completely in touch with your feelings, and there`s no clearer feeling in the world. You`re focused on that, which is important, and your brain isn`t racing like a forumla racecar.

To those of you working hard, not knowing when to stop, and the ones who feel like they`re lost in life, like a boat with no destination traveling the atlantic ocean, I urge you to work on being aware and get in touch with your inner self.

Take a moment, a breath, and relax.

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