Art of detailed work and deep expertise being lost to concentration span deficit

I remember two short months ago reading an Economist journal cover to cover, then rejoicing in annotating almost every line on 4 heavy articles.

Since then I have become a lot busier but have not been able to do much close reading. Regretting this often.

Try to read a physical newspaper — Daily Telegraph, Financial Times & do 1 or 2 crosswords every day of life; learning is beneficial to body & soul.

Try not to or DON’T read on your iPhone- annotate, highlight at least try to remember both facts and feelings; if you associate the latter with the former the research suggests you’re more likely to internalise.

Whereas reading on a kindle, tablet or iPhone doesn’t quite match the kinaesthesia of reading a book and taking the odd note down in the margin or on a notepad.

Robert Peach

5th August 2017

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