Identity and Muddle

Just who does Donald Tusk think he is? EU politicians and bureaucrats alike think that they have both the right and obligation to lord it over our weakling Prime Minister Mrs May.

She has made (in front of lead negotiator David Davis) a €40bn offer on our “exit fee” but has been ignored to an extent because they refuse to commence talks until the € settlement is agreed. How arrogant and self righteous and congratulatory is that?

To stand forthright outside No.10 spouting like this is the height of disrespect and impolite in extremis.

Meanwhile unthreatening of demeanour Jeremy Corbyn spoke to the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg about, in Laura’s words just how radical the Labour Party is ready and able to be.

All he really let on was that he would relish the opportunity to govern. May must surely know by now that her days are numbered. The uncomfortable bed fellows in Northern Ireland will not show loyalty or social responsibility beyond that first uncertain vote just a few weeks back.

I think the BBC misses Robert Peston. This may seem an odd thing to say, but he did nag. His lilting dulcet tones and his learned writings evident in the background must always have unsettled cosy politicians. His questions were unpredictable and his style was and still is “ in yer face”.

John Sergeant is sorely missed for his humour and his friendly demeanour. Nick (fast-elbowed) Robinson on the other hand is not relished. His delivery of substance over style always falls short of a sharp edge.

He just doesn’t cut the mustard in terms of trying to nail the issue. His need for sharp briefings from researchers must have been evident, his predecessor Sergeant may have missed the mark on Strictly but never did on the evening news.

Robert Peach

27th September 2017

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