Why do Journalists still have jobs?

In the depths of another autumnal week I am struck by how tenuous writing is as an occupation or career. One is paid appallingly, splendid vast time and money on research yet salaries are a thing of the past and freelancer rates have collapsed.

The answer to my headline question is because the human being needs to put pen to paper to maintain a social equilibrium.

To jeopardize this occupation or offer scant reward for the outputs is never enough to deter the true scribe. It is almost an obsession, an instinct at the very least.

Tyler Bruhle of Monacle magazine and the Financial Times has published on the revival of the paperback and hardcover book. His (doubtless ethnographic) work cannot be inaccurate. Kindle city will not collapse but proper books are here to stay.

Even at “peak Amazon” this truth will hold up.

Keep reading, keep learning and continue writing.

Robert Peach

14th September 2027

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